Holiday Home

by Thesis

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released March 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Thesis Sydney, Australia

Punk/Rock band from sydney, Australia.
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Track Name: No Love Lost
My words, harsh, real and true
The indents they leave on you,
I hope they play like reminders, it’ll hit you one day you’ll find it
The one thing I was drawn too
I thought I’d found it all
In something that I couldn’t see through
Turns out I couldn’t be more wrong, you’ve changed,
We can’t get along
But I’ll still feel the same even if you turn the page.
I wish you all the best,
Descend into the rest.
You’re all the same.

Now we both have bigger things going on
And no it’s not fair, I still feel stuck here
In the shadow you’ve been casting,
Give me warmth or something more outlasting.
Then an empty head with fingers crossed,
I’m losing grip so there’s no love lost,
In staying the same, while everything changed.
Ill save my energy and remain something you can’t see through.
I’m still the same.

Skin and Bone, I don’t care if I’m alone.
Track Name: Stain
It sunk in at an early age
Never saw anything else but myself on stage
Wasn’t long before the things I listened to,
Began to motivate and drive my day
It’s hurts the most when most fail to see
The depth in honest music
And all the shitty things that hold priority
I’m fine slipping through the cracks with integrity

I’ll keep my back turned away,
Right now the weight my words is enough for me
I’ll leave a mark one day
I’ll outshine the influence you had on me.
Elite, elite, elite,
So above everything.

Do you feel alive, clearer view, dilated eyes,
or are you to gone to realise.
Track Name: Holiday Home
Pick at the wound with a drunk phone call
Forget the distance for now it seems so small
But temporary fixes never hold
And I hardly ever hear from you anymore

Nostalgia’s been burning me up lately
I wish there was no space, no feeling empty
But you moved away, empathy lost all it’s worth
Are your hands still tied,
Have you moved on with life in Perth.

We’re older now,
You could come back, you could stay.
We’re older now,
So don’t treat home like a holiday.

Drove past your old street the other day,
Just can’t believe its been two years since you moved away.